Why Us

One-year warranty

Step-N-Shower offers a one-year warranty of all services, including labor performed on bathroom remodel Metairie and most products. Some items SNS installs come with lifetime warranties and up to ten years on accessories. When you are working with Aging In Place Renovations you can expect us to work with you to explain what warranties you will be receiving on your job. We always operate with the mindset that we are not satisfied until the customer is, so although of course our labor is covered for an entire year we want you to also know that we will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. It is not unheard of for SNS to service an item that is way out of warranty to help those in need. If you are concerned about embarking on bathroom remodel Metairie we would love for you to just go ahead and give us a call so that we can walk you through the process and you will be happy to know that this process can be extremely painless and allow you to live a life with a lot more freedom. Don’t just live a higher quality of life after getting renovations done but be able to live without worry as you are covered with a one year warranty on the labor in which we perform.

License and Insured and CAPS

At Aging in Place Renovations you can feel confident that the work is being performed by an expert in Aging in Place Renovations, we can prove it because SNS/AIPR is fully insured and licensed. General Liability and Workman Compensation insurance is required by the state of Louisiana and SNS carries higher limits than required to perform your bathroom remodel Metairie. Tommy is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist which is a designation given by the National Home Builders Association. It required courses to become familiar with disabilities that older people experience. Knowing the right services to offer a customer is also very important when you are doing any type of aging in place remodeling but especially when you are doing a bathroom remodel Metairie. A lot of times we will see just your average handyman trying to perform work that they are extremely unqualified to handle. That is why this company has blossomed, we do not want the senior citizen community being taken advantage of simply because they do not know exactly what it is that they need in order to live with the most functionalbility. When you use us for your bathroom remodel Metairie we will take the time to hear what your concerns are and be able to provide you the best solution.

Whenever you are looking to get any kind of work done to your house we highly recommend you ask for the licensing and credentials of the contractor. Especially when you are dealing with something as specific as Aging In Place renovations. If you are currently getting work done and are concerned about the quality of efficiency we would love for you to give us a call today so that we can advise you on how to proceed with your project.

Design and Functionality, more than just a grab bar

Tommy can perform a free evaluation to design the best way to do modifications to an existing home or bathroom remodel Metairie. Services such as widening doors, changing door knobs, lowering light switches, adding grab bars and many other modifications to make a house more accessible for customers. We are even able to completely renovate your entire bathroom if you’d like. When you use Aging in Place Renovations you can feel confident that no matter if you are just wanting a grab bar installed or are looking for a whole new bathroom remodel Metairie we will be able to get the job done.

If more specialized modifications are needed outside of a typical bathroom remodel Metairie, such as removing an existing bathtub and replacing it with a Walk in Tub or a Walk in Shower are available. If someone is having problems entering a house, we can install a simple fix such as a threshold ramp or a 48-foot ramp. If a person is wheelchair bound and can not roll themselves up or down a ramp than a Residential Platform Lift (commonly known as a wheelchair lift) can be installed. There are so many potential aging in place modifications available to make a home more accessible and for this reason a free home evaluation is offered. Which is why we always encourage our clients to be very open and transparent with us on what their needs and wants are to make the home more accessible. If we come in to do a bathroom remodel Metairie but you are also curious on what else we could do to make your life more comfortable then we highly encourage that you give us a call.

Trusted Sub-Contractors

We at Aging in Place Renovations know that you want to feel comfortable with the contractors that are coming in and out of your home during your bathroom remodel Metairie. That is why we use only licensed and insured subcontractors, in fact because we have been operating in this community for so many years it has allowed us to create trusted relationships with the companies that we subcontract with to do our work. Even if they are not certified in Aging In Place renovations they will have us to guide them throughout your bathroom remodel Metairie to make sure that everything is being done correctly. The sub-contractors AIPR uses have been doing home modifications for many, many years and thus has years of experience working in the field. Never will you have to worry about the quality of character of the contractors in your home or the quality of their work as we have vetted and hand selected those who get to work with us. You can also be confident that the workmanship being performed is of high quality as we give all of our projects a one year labor warranty.