Walk in Tubs

Walk in Tubs have become a very popular choice for bathroom remodel Metairie for senior citizens for many reasons. Probably the most important reason is safety. With a walk-in tub a person only needs to step over a 4″ threshold to enter, instead of your average bathtub side height of 14-26 inches. Since many seniors would like to continue taking a bath instead of a shower, a WIT is the ideal option for them. A sit-down tub with the convenience of a pull up hand held shower head. In addition to being able to soak in a WIT many options such as air and hydrotherapy which helps relieve stress and tension can be installed. Chroma therapy is the use of LED lighting to help improve a person’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional energy. There are many more options available that can be installed to customize an individual’s bathroom remodel Metairie.

Aging In Place Renovations is all about being able to still enjoy the home that you love even if your normal everyday activities has become harder in old age. Being able to take a shower or a bath without having to worry about your safety is absolutely an exciting thing for those who have had fear of slipping in the shower many times before. Installing a walk in tub is one of our most requested services and something that we highly recommend to anyone who is embarking on a bathroom remodel Metairie.


When you are thinking about getting a bathroom remodel Metairie or are already in the midst of doing one you might not be thinking about installing a ramp as well. However, it is so simple to go ahead and have us install a ramp, or any other aging in place modifications that you might want, when we are already doing a project for you. What ramp is going to be the best option for you might be a little bit more complicated than your bathroom remodel Metairie however it does not have to be. When you are working with us at Aging In Place Renovations you will have an expert there to walk you through the entire process and will be able to give you all the options and then allow you to make the best decision for you.

Ramps made of wood, aluminum or concrete can be installed at a home an occupant is wheelchair bound or simply can’t walk up a flight of stairs. Wood ramps are the most economical but normally last the least amount of time. Wooden ramps also need to be maintained so mildew doesn’t make it slippery. Pressure washing is the usual way to remove mildew and other contaminants, but pressure washing can cause the wood to splinter so caution must be used when pressure washing wooden ramps.

Aluminum is the most practical material to use in ramp construction due to its lifetime life span. In addition, aluminum ramps can be taken down and moved to another location is needed. And unlike wooden or concrete ramps aluminum ramps can be sold if the use of the ramp is no longer needed.

Concrete ramps are good when the homeowner knows they will never move. Concrete ramps will need periodical pressure washing but other than that not much more maintenance is needed. Whether you are looking for bathroom remodel Metairie or are in need of a ramp to make getting in and out of your home easier, than Aging in Place Renovations is your best solution.

Residential Platform Lifts (Wheelchair Lifts)

Elevate your Aging In Place Renovations to a whole new level by adding a lift to your renovations. When we are in your home to perform a bathroom remodel Metairie and you are wanting an easier way to access your home without taking up a crazy amount of space for a ramp then a lift is a wonderful option for you! Lifts can be an option in place of a ramp if space is not available or if a person just doesn’t want a ramp in their yard. The lifts that AIPR installs are made of mostly aluminum with won’t corrode or rust. Lifts can be installed at a house from as low as 4 feet or lower up to 13 feet. Our lifts for all practical purposes should last forever with little maintenance needed. Lifts are a great option if limited space is an issue or again if a ramp is not wanted in the yard. We understand that the most amount of calls that we get are for people asking about bathroom remodel Metairie however there are so many other aspects to making your home perfect for aging in place that we would love you to ask us about them.

No matter what you are looking for from your Aging in Place Renovations, we do it all. From a simple bathroom remodel Metairie to installing a concrete ramp we are capable of taking the home you love and making it into a home you can function in. We know that it is not always the actually homeowner who is deciding to embark on this journey but a concerned family member who desires to transform their parents or grandparents home to suit their needs better. No matter if it is you yourself who is wanting the work done or if you are inquiring for someone else we highly encourage you to give us a call. We can show you examples and give you multiple options that will be the absolute perfect solution. The best thing to do is give us a call so that we can come out and give you a free estimate, being able to hear your needs and desires then come up with a customized plan that will blow away your expectations for your Aging in Place renovations. So go ahead and call us today so that we can get you on the schedule today for your free evaluation and then get you on the schedule to complete your renovations. No longer feel captive in your own home but find freedom with Aging In Place Renovations.

Step in Showers

Step in Showers are the perfect solution for when you are wanting to enjoy a hot shower without the risk of slipping or falling. Create a beautiful and functional shower that all you can step into and hold onto a grab bar that gives you additional support. At Aging in Place Renovations we believe that this is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways that you can transform your bathroom into a practical safe sanctuary.