About Us

Tommy Keller was born in Metairie, Louisiana and has lived in the Metropolitan New Orleans area his whole life and is now quite honored to be providing the community bathroom remodel Metairie. He graduated From Jesuit High School and the University of New Orleans. He started his working career working for a division of The Readers’ Digest. He spent several years in the insurance industry before returning to The Reader’s Digest. After Hurricane Katrina he entered the construction industry where he rebuilt several homes that were destroyed by Katrina. It’s at this time that he opened Step-N-Shower, LLC. Tommy was the facilities director at a special needs community for several years while building Step-N-Shower, now Aging In Place Renovations specializing in bathroom remodel Metairie. Tommy is married to Patty Keller whom he met while attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Tommy Keller is the owner of Step-N-Shower and a CAPS (Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist) contractor who has been in the construction business for over fifteen years. Tommy’s mission is to help individuals with mobility issues live safely in their own homes with a new bathroom remodel Metairie. His idea for this company was conceived while rebuilding homes after hurricane Katrina. He began by installing a few Step-In-Showers and quickly realized how important and empowering it was for elderly people to be able to age gracefully in their own homes.

Tommy began researching other safety modifications that could help individuals fulfill this desire. Since then he has devoted his time and resources to developing a bathroom remodel Metairie company whose top priority is to help individuals remain in their homes and reduce accidents by creating a safe and accessible environment. Step-N-Shower is now one of New Orleans’ top accessible home modification specialists and bathroom remodel Metairie specialist helping individuals live independently and age-in-place. Some of our most popular products are walk-in shower, walk-in tub, step-n-shower, whole bathroom modification, wheelchair lift, handicap ramp, grab bars and stair lifts.

We are licensed and insured by the state of Louisiana.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ bathroom remodel Metairie needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry for a reasonable price.

We service the Greater New Orleans surrounding areas.

Vision for company

With thousands of people turning 65 years old every day Tommy’s vision for his company is to have several locations in Louisiana and surrounding states. He knows that more and more senior citizens will want to stay in their homes instead of moving into an assisted living facility. It is much more convenient to modify a bathroom remodel Metairie so people can Age in Place in their own homes. The cost of modifying a home which could run into the low 5 figures is much less than a three year stay in an assisted living facility, which could easily approach $75,000.00 per year. At some point in the future Tommy would like to franchise the business so more people around the country will be able to use the company’s bathroom remodel Metairie services to Age in Place in their homes.


Tommy and Patty have two daughters, Lauren Russo and husband Dan and Erin Haney and husband Grant. Lauren and husband Dan have twin sons Eli and Jude. Erin and husband Grant have a daughter Logan. Both daughters and their families lived within 3 miles of Tommy and Patty for quick stop in visits. Both Lauren and Erin attended LSU with Lauren graduated from LSU with a degree in education. Erin transferred to The University of New Orleans to pursue her degree in Hospitality. Lauren is a computer teacher at St Catherine of Sienna while Erin is a sales manager for special events at Brennan’s restaurant in the French Quarter.



While rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina Tommy saw the need to help senior citizens and special needs clients to modify their bathroom remodel Metairie to be more accessible. The first service he offered customers was the ability to cut the side of their tubs and allow people to walk through the side of their tubs instead of having to step over the side which causes the most falls in the bathroom. His customers started to ask for other services and at that point Step-N-Shower began offering a complete range of accessible bathroom remodel Metairie home modifications. Wheelchair lifts and ramps, walk in showers, Walk-In Tubs, chair lifts, grab bar installation are just a few of the many modifications Tommy can offer his customers. After several years of making customer’s home much more accessible and realizing that more people will need modifications to their homes, Tommy decided to open a division of Step-N-Shower, LLC uniquely named Aging In Place Renovations allowing Tommy to help more people age in their homes which is much more cost efficient than moving into an assisted living facility.